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  • Random Assets And Work Process

    Random Assets And Work Process

    The main advantage of the application among competitors lies in the mission of the product – creating a community of musicians and music lovers to store their creativity with the ability to share their playback library with each user.

  • Residential Community App

    Residential Community App

    In my recent design endeavors, I took on the challenge of developing a unique application feature for managing reservations within a residential community. This case study centers around a particularly exciting aspect of the application: the ability for users to reserve spaces like football and basketball courts. My aim was to not only streamline the…

  • Mood Tracking App Case Study

    Mood Tracking App Case Study

    SBIAAMOHAMMED Get In Touch Mood Tracking App An AI-enabled mental health application that provides patients with a therapist’s connection and self-guiding platform. I designed this project from scratch for my personal portfolio. Problem statement of Lola Mental Health App During the pandemic, people have gone through some kind of stress and tight situation which have taken…

  • Telemedicine App With Video Consultation

    Telemedicine App With Video Consultation

    The service was launched in Bahrain in 2020. Doctori’s team started with an MVP version of it to test if there is a market need. After getting first users and onboarding doctors to the platform, they wanted to improve user experience and apps’ quality in general. So we started working together to improve UX, visual…

  • Redesign of a Mobile Cooking Assistant

    Redesign of a Mobile Cooking Assistant

    Akalat is a collection of recipes powered by a smart cooking assistant, community, and incredible features like fridge leftovers. ‍ We collaborated closely with Akalat team to bring user experience to the next level and establish new visual language across product and marketing communications.

  • Fibalio App

    Fibalio App

    The UX design case study on the mobile application Perfect Recipes that combines the functionality for cooking and buying what’s needed for users’ meals. Check user experience design solutions and animated interactions.