Redesign of a mobile
cooking assistant

A collection of recipes powered by a smart cooking assistant, community, and incredible features like fridge leftovers.

I collaborated closely with the client team to bring user experience to the next level and establish new visual language across product and marketing communications.

"An incredible experience with MO and the team, who expertly brought our app concept to life. Grateful we are, for their seamless collaboration and dedication!"

Smart search and filtering

I crafted a user-centric experience that enables effortless discovery of recipes based on available fridge ingredients. By designing intuitive navigation and smart search, users can seamlessly identify and prepare dishes without hassle. This feature-rich approach revolutionizes cooking convenience and empowers users in the kitchen with whatever they may have in hands.

Cooking assistant

This app offers an immersive cooking journey, minimizing interruptions through its intuitive step-by-step guidance. It cleverly initiates timers as needed, and its voice command functionality ensures a seamless experience even when hands are occupied with culinary tasks. Users can focus entirely on cooking, enhancing both convenience and cooking outcomes.
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Purchase everything you need for the recipe right away

Additionally, a valuable feature has been integrated, enabling users to conveniently buy their groceries from local stores right within the application. This seamless shopping experience streamlines the process, enhancing user convenience and providing a comprehensive solution. Users can now effortlessly transition from selecting recipes to acquiring the necessary ingredients, all in one platform.

Website design and marketing comms

To complete the project, a website and essential marketing communication templates were developed. These assets serve as a cornerstone for jumpstarting marketing efforts and amplifying the promotion of the newly revamped mobile app. With a cohesive online presence and versatile templates, the brand’s messaging and app’s features can be effectively showcased, fostering engagement and a go-live monitoring.
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