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In my recent design endeavors, I took on the challenge of developing a unique application feature for managing reservations within a residential community. This case study centers around a particularly exciting aspect of the application: the ability for users to reserve spaces like football and basketball courts. My aim was to not only streamline the reservation process but also infuse it with an element of excitement, camaraderie, and personalization.

High-Fi Wireframe

Understanding User Needs:

To create a feature that truly resonated with users, I embarked on a comprehensive survey targeting passionate footballers residing within the community. Their valuable insights played a pivotal role in shaping my design approach. Respondents expressed a strong desire to not only spectate but actively participate in matches. They also sought a dynamic and interactive way to choose their positions on the field, enhancing the experience of being part of a real game.

Design Implementation:

With user needs at the forefront, I envisioned an intuitive and engaging user interface that seamlessly integrated the reservation process with the excitement of live football and basketball matches. Users could effortlessly access upcoming match details, select a preferred game, and even participate by choosing their position on the field. This interactive interface was designed to allow users to experience the anticipation and strategy associated with real matches.

Key Features:

  1. Match Discovery: The app presents upcoming football and basketball matches, fostering a sense of anticipation and engagement within the community. Users have the option to browse match details, including teams, date, and time.

  2. Participation and Position Selection: Once a match is selected, users have the exhilarating opportunity to become active players. They can personalize their experience by choosing positions such as striker, midfielder, or defender, thereby adding a personal touch to the overall experience.

  3. Live Updates: To maintain engagement throughout the match, the app delivers live updates about goals, assists, and other significant events. This immersive feature keeps users connected and invested in the game.

  4. Post-Match Engagement: After the match concludes, users can relive the excitement by accessing comprehensive match statistics, viewing photos, and even contributing to a communal match recap.


This case study underscores the power of aligning user needs with innovative design to create an engaging, community-driven product feature. The introduction of this feature had a transformative impact on the residential community. By melding a love for sports with innovative technology, I not only streamlined amenity reservations but also cultivated a vibrant and collaborative atmosphere. Sports enthusiasts relished the opportunity to become active participants, selecting positions just like their professional idols. The communal engagement driven by this feature even extended across generations, as older residents embraced friendly matches based on reservations.

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