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The service was launched in Bahrain in 2020. Doctori’s team started with an MVP version of it to test if there is a market need. After getting first users and onboarding doctors to the platform, they wanted to improve user experience and apps’ quality in general. So we started working together to improve UX, visual design and prepare service for its upcoming growth.

“We have been working with MO for a while now, and his service is unmatched when it comes to speed, efficiency, and execution.”

Seamless appointment booking experience

The most used and crucial part of the user journey is to find the right doctor and book an appointment with them. To improve it, we simplified user flow for searching providers by designing a more powerful search experience and adding the ability to filter doctors by various parameters. At the same time, we completely rethought how doctors’ profiles are designed – better data visualization, clear order in information priority, and new visual design.

Online appointments made easy

Working closely with the client team and considering users’ feedback, I created a much-improved experience for all users to participate in virtual appointments. For patients, we simplified a user flow and made it more linear. This way, we achieved a much better adoption for new users. And for doctors, we created new ways to turn their phones into the full-size working station. During the call, they can take notes, view patients’ medical history, and access medical profiles. These new tools make the online consultation experience smooth and cohesive.

New mobile app for doctors

Guided by valuable user feedback on the initial app version, our efforts were channeled towards a comprehensive redesign of key functionalities for doctors. This encompassed refining crucial tasks such as appointment scheduling, patient communication, availability coordination, and data analytics. By prioritizing these enhancements, the mobile app now aligns precisely with doctors’ needs, fostering efficiency and an improved user experience.
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User testing

To validate all our product improvements before development, we conducted unmoderated usability testing using Maze. Within one week, we prepared missions and created two prototypes that work and look like a final product. We were able to receive many insights and improve the product with a short timeline before its relaunch & choosed second variants because had a better user tesing results!

Design system

Utilizing a robust design system and comprehensive documentation formed the foundation for a fruitful design-development collaboration, ensuring unwavering consistency across the project. By harnessing design tokens, auto-layout functionalities, variant options, and interactive components, we were empowered to swiftly iterate through design iterations. This approach was instrumental in accelerating the delivery of remarkable results while maintaining a harmonious ecosystem of the product.
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